Re: Kayak and GPS

Posted by James Eager on Sep 23, 2006

I have had an etrex and now hae a garmin gps map. Submersible/waterproof is a very good idea. You may want to venture beyond ponds at some point and there is always the possibility of an unintended dunking. I have had a lot of fun with the GPS, it tracks my paddles and tells me how far I went, has helped me out in a fog...when crossing big boat channels (eek) and helped me figure out which way to head. My only issue is with the software, I use the garmin topo USA which is great for ponds, lakes and coastlines (has marine nav. aids major rocks, wrecks etc). Basically its the most bang for the buck if you are Kayaking. It is relatively inexpensive and allows you to load maps for any region in the states...the only downside is that it is terrible for navigating in your car...for that you need a diffent software package. I guess I was expecting too much, they make and market a highway navigation package why would they want there topographic software to do the same. So...yea I highly recommend the garmin, the Mapsource topo USA would be a good choice for additional sofware, if you stick to certain region I think they do regional topo sofware as well. Just dont try to use it in your car unless you buy the appropriat software for that too.

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