Re: Launch of the Umunum

Posted by LeeG on Sep 22, 2006

Matt, that's great. Wish I was there. I paddled there with some friends and when we went around the sea lions three came cruising up behind me like tug boats and one BIT the back of my glass Express. Sounded like a hammer hitting it.

ok,ok, forgive the unsolicited advice: next time put the sprayskirt on from the back first, in that setting you could just launch and put the skirt on while floating out 50'. For your spare paddle try a configuration where the shaft ends/or blades are held in place by two fishermans knots. Kind of like this...--0===0-- where the 0 is the knot and the = are two parallel bungies with single bungies leading in. It'll really hold things in place. Just putting stuff under bungies still allows it to slide around.

Get the deck pump in the cockpit, under the foredeck is an ideal place, tethered with a 24" (6"tied to pump) length of 3/16" bungie and plastic snap hook to under deck rigging. There's no reason pumps should be sitting on the deck except to get lost in waves or temporary placement after pumping out.

If you are using a white stern light for a running light get this, it's user friendly, low profile, you can fold the cover so you don't get direct light and it's BRIGHT.

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