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Posted by Sean on Sep 21, 2006

I just finished priming my hull with the pre-kote, and varnishing my deck. I used the tightest nap (1/4") foam roller that I could finad at Home Depot. I can tell you from experience that the pre-kote goes on thick, and tacks up fairly quickly. So start out with a really dry roller until you see how the coverage goes. Remember, the goal of the primer is really to fill any pinhole-sized minor imperfections (like where the weave may not have been 100% perfectly filled with epoxy), not to conceal huge runs in the epoxy. As others have mentioned in previous threads you end up sanding 95% or more of it back off anyway. I found that it clgged up the 100 grit paper very quicky, and I went through 10 or so sheets just knocking the bulk of the primer off of the hull. I then followed up by hand sanding with 150 and 220 grit paper on top of a sanding sponge for final smoothing. I didn't feel that a full-hull second coat was worth the repeated sanding effort, so I just put a second coat on a few of my problem spots with a foam brush. Oh, and wear the dust mask!

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