Re: deck destroyed

Posted by Alan Speakman on Sep 21, 2006


For what it's worth... The wife and I have a couple of sheets of PicWood left over, and you're welcome to them... PicWood is an extremely thin veneer that can actually be fed into a standard ink-jet printer like paper... If you're thoughtful, the pattern/picture can be quite impressive. We've got beech and cherry left...

Let me know...


P.S. 14 hour work days are rough... Take care of yourself!

P.P.S. Sorry, but you're not a "complete novice" anymore... You just built a kayak, and now you're doing a fine job of making significant repairs... Nope... You're one of us now... For better or for worse...

In Response to: Re: deck destroyed by Kathrine on Sep 20, 2006



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