Re: deck destroyed

Posted by Kathrine on Sep 20, 2006

Thanks for everyone's words of encouragement. I'm feeling a little better about the situation today. Last night was a little overwhelming to come home to after a 14 hour day at work! At this point I have cut out the damaged areas on the deck and will put some support pieces underneath these areas tomorrow. I am going to use the strips I cut off the deck overhang for the support "bars" and it looks like the pieces of deck I cut out for the hatches will work fine as patches. The hatch cutouts even have a slight curve that will match the curve of the deck I need to patch. I'm glad I didn't throw anything away.

I was considering doing some sort of design overlay on the deck originally, but ruled it out to try and keep things simple. As I said before, I'm a complete novice and have never done anything like this before. I also wanted to finish the entire boat with varnish, but now it looks like I will reconsider some overlay and/or paint design.

I'll keep you all posted....I'm sure I'll need more help. Thanks!

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