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Posted by Alan Speakman on Sep 20, 2006

Hi Kathrine,

What follows are just some ideas... Give a day or two for the entire forum to weigh in... (There are a bunch of folks on this forum who have forgotten more than I'll ever know about building/repairing kayaks...) That said, some thoughts...

* I'm assuming that the photo in ( shows the same damage as (, just from a different angle...

* In the case of your repair, (or any repair for that matter), there are three concerns: i.) Make the repair safe and sound. ii.) make the repair flow or "blend in" with the lines of the craft. iii.) Make the repair innocuous (even appealing to the eye)...

* Given all of the above, I'd suggest that you address the deck boo boo first... (One thing at a time.) You want to see if you can push/epoxy the remaining pieces back into place (keeping the form of the original yak)... Use straps, ropes, or whatever, but securely put back together again what you have.

* Once you have as many pieces back in their proper place (and maintaining the original form), turn you attention to the holes left behind. Those can be filled with stuff like epoxy/CAB-O-SIL.

* After the patches are made, fiberglass can be re-applied and smoothed.

* Finally, onlays or inlays can be used to ease the eye and the ego... (

But no matter what, You're almost finished Kathrine... Hang in there!


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