Re: Solid elastomer cord

Posted by M Davis on Sep 20, 2006

Those are the people I ordered 3/16" shock cord from for the Moby latches on my WR18 flush hatches(small world). I also ordered the hog rings & pliers but ended up using stopper knots - simple and adjustable.

The 1/4" shock cord (deck rigging) was just too bulky, but the 3/16" is just right. In fact I "detuned" the hold-down force from the max possible.

I ended up making two set of the pivoting "Moby" parts. The first were too short and a real pain to engage (lots of finger smacking). If the contact ends (tails)of the latches extend beyond the edge of the hatch by about 1/2" or a little more, it is a lot easier to hook them under one side of the sill when putting the hatches on. There is definitly a technique involved but it is learned pretty quickly.

Happy paddling, MD

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