Re: Hatch Safety Lines

Posted by Chuck on Sep 20, 2006

On my C-17 and C-17LT I used another piece of webbing, folded it over and melted a screw hole for it, just like you do for the deck rigging attachments. Then I mounted that on the shear clamp inside the hull just aft of each hatch with a couple of 1/2" stainless screws. I then drilled a 3/16" hole through the back rib of each hatch adjacent to where I mounted the webbing on the shear clamp. Finally using about a 16" piece of 3/16" line I put one end through the hole in the rib,ties a figure 8 knot and then ran the other end through the webbing loop and tied a bowline knot there. For me this makes for a very secure and user friendly hatch safety line. Hope this helps.


In Response to: Hatch Safety Lines by Monterey Matt on Sep 20, 2006



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