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Posted by John S. Short on Sep 20, 2006

Not knowing why the deck is not glassed is a ? but perhaps an asset. As far as the deck is concerned, I would mark and cut out all damaged wood, avoid doing anything damaging the sheers. Yes, you will need scrap okoume, someone may be able to help with that if they have scarp laying around unused, at this point I would say you have a painted boat, but a scarred boat would still be very pretty. Anyway, after damaged deck is off and all nicely sanded, make templates of the holes,add backing to the underneath of the holes, sort of like for the hatches, that will serve as something to attach the patches to. Once all is patched, and nice a smooth, glass the entire deck. The whole in the hull should be able to be done very similarly. By no means have you got a junker, just more time and sweat. It'll be a great project! Keep up the chin and happy paddling!

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