Re: Leaking hatches

Posted by tim on Sep 20, 2006

I put flush hatches in my WR18. I was going through similar concerns and I did not want the gawdy, although very effective web straps cluttering up the deck. So I went on a mission and found the Moby Latch design. I was unable to locate detailed specs so I just printed of the page, scaled them to fit. My biggest concern now is the seal. The holding force of the latches comes from bungee material strung between the two latches. I found that 1/8" bungee was not forcefull enough. I am/was looking for some urethane material. Thus far have been unsuccessful. In the meantime, I found that surgical tubing works rather well. Provides great hold down force. That combined with a good gasket material is great! I presume you found the Moby link, if not I will attach the page I used here. Best of luck.......

In Response to: Leaking hatches by Kev Robinson on Sep 20, 2006



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