Re: deck destroyed

Posted by Peter on Sep 20, 2006

Katherine, To post photos to the web, the photo files must be placed on a "host", which is simply a computer where the files are available via a URL, or web address to the wider internet audience. There are several photo hosts that will provide space for free. Search for "Flickr", or "Photobucket" as examples. But if this is too much trouble, I'd be willing to host them for you, and get them posted here. If you'd like, just e-mail them to me at peipers "at" intronfilms "dot" com

And don't worry; as has been mentioned, a kayak or boat must be used to be appreciated. And this results in inevitable damage. My Passagemaker Dinghy suffered a large gouge in the rub rail during a recent run-in with a protruding dock nail. Also, one of my winter projects will be to re-paint the bottom, which is now thoroughly scratched by rocks and the trailer I use. So damage, whether before or after launch, is part of the game.

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