Posted by John S. Short on Sep 20, 2006

Wow, so many ideas at once!!! The disposable ketchup/mustard bottles seem to be a great idea in the same idea as the pastry bag, but probably pastry bag will be easier to fill and less to deal with cleaning as you just throw away.

The Little Kate is a canoe and will have 4 panels each side, no lap-stitch, just S&G, so all those seams have to be filleted, taped and glassed. The outside seams were the ones I wanted to use the suringes on. I am building 3 at once, so I will have all parts ready to be done all at one time, but thanks for reminding me of good final preparation, I do get excited!!! Can't wait to get those girls stitched and some photo's posted soon. Already thinking of selling one canoe for the new SOT and a Shearwater 17!

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