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Posted by Sean on Sep 20, 2006

Yep, stay with it! I feel your pain, but I think we just become so involved as the builders that we know exactly where every little nick and wave in a fillet is. I'm in the process of varnishing the deck on my Arctic Hawk right now. I spent hours and hours applying numerous fill coats of epoxy, sanding and smoothing to a coffee table smoothness, and perfecting my varnish skills...only to put a nice pea-sized dent in it the other night. In my case, the light bulb blew above my kayak, and while replacing it the lightbulb came apart in my hand. I mean really, what are the odds that the glass would separate from the metal threaded base and fall on my kayak. I was really worked up, and I know right where it is, so I see it every time I look at the boat. When my wife came in to take a look her first response was "what dent?" It took her a few minutes of scanning from various angles to even spot it. I was striving for the perfect finish on my deck, but the reality is that I'll probably scratch it 10x more the first time I tuck my paddle under a deck bungee. First scratch is the worst...we've got to remember these are boats to be used, not just admired on the rack in the shop.

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