Leaking hatches

Posted by Kev Robinson on Sep 20, 2006

Hi, I fitted the kit design of hatch to our CH16LT and CH17LT, but made a slight mod of fitting dowels to the hatch straps to apply more force to the hatch (see attached photo). I've found that this solution worked quite well but had the following problems.

1 Leaked in big surf, rolling and heavy seas. 2 In heavy seas ie big waves as the boat goes through a wave the water comes down the deck hits the hatch then goes all over your face. 3 Something else to get cought up when doing deep water rescues.

I've decided the way forward is to fit flush hatches. I've checked the forum and found the Moby latch system and the swivel toggles (not keen on the internal bungee solution as we fill our kayaks when on tour). Has anyone got any details of these systems and would I be able to retro fit these to our boats?

All the best.

Kev from over the water in England




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