But Will it Float Wilbur?

Posted by Monterey Matt on Sep 20, 2006

The hatch safety lines, permanent installation of the back adjustment line and the hip braces, and a few optional gew-gaws (I've got a compass awaiting installation) notwithstanding, I am declaring construction of my Cheseapeake 18, the Good Rowed Vessel Umunum, to be COMPLETED as of about ten minutes ago.

I got the final hatch straps on and ran a perimeter grab line from stem to stern and tied up all the bungee lines and reinstalled the seat on its velcro and the foot braces, and if the second flood came tonight I'd have a boat to float out on.

Well, I hope it will float. I don't actually know that yet.

In any event, tomorrow I'm going to hose out the inside to clear out the construction residue as best I can, rig a couple of grab handles for my padeyes, fish out my paddles and skirt and so forth from the boxes and odd corners they've been sitting in for eons, try to remember how to get the kayak on top of my car, and plot out getting her down to Monterey Bay Kayaks for the big launch on Thursday with Mama Bear, John Harris hisself, present to do a hoochie coochie dance and smash a bottle of stale muscatel over her bow.

Of course, I don't have a usable wet suit right now, so I'm not going to be paddling it more than a hundred feet or so, but SHE'S READY for her sea trials.

If any of you out there in boat builder land happen to be in the Monterey area Thursday afternoon, come join the CLC West Coast tour demo (see directions on the ...not sure when the big launching ceremony will be (I have yet to hear back from the US Marine Corps band or the fireworks people yet, but I'm optimistic -- how else would I have finally finished this boat?) but I'm going to try to do it first thing, 1:45 PMish, before the formal demo gets started, assuming I can get you Gods of Maryland from Annapolis to take a break before the show starts.

For those of you not coming along, I hope to have some innocent bystander suborned into taking some pictures and maybe even video for me.

Goddy? Oh you bet I am. I just hope I don't wake up tomorrow and find out this is all a hallucination brought on by breathing in varnish fumes...

- Matt

West Coast Tour - Click on Monterey link for directions to launching



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