Hatch Safety Lines

Posted by Monterey Matt on Sep 20, 2006

You know, it wouldn't be the final stages of the project if I couldn't curse the manual for the Ches. 18 just one more time for being vague on a point of construction that isn't obvious.

The item in question is the instructions for attaching the hatch safety line -- the line to prevent the hatch from floating away or whatever when it's taken off.

The instructions say to attach a cable clamp the the hatch, and another one to the sheer clamp, and join them with a bit of deck line. OK, fair enough. I don't have any deck line in the kit but I have a little left over from running my grab line around the boat.

But what I've got left in my parts box now that the whole damn thing has been built is: TWO (2) able clamps, two brass screws with washer, and an extra length of nylon webbing.

So...don't I need four (4) cable clamps to attach two ends of a piece of line, one to the hatch and one to the sheer clamp inside the compartmennt?

Or is one supposed to just use the remaining mystery parts -- the two extra screws and the extra length of nylon webbing -- in a sort of Rube Goldbergesque contraption?

This is obviously not critical for launching but I wanted to have my non-optional construction officially finished for the big launch on Thursday.



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