option 2

Posted by LeeG on Sep 19, 2006

you can glass the deck,add fill coats, add coaming stack on 'green' fill coats and sand it to a 90% finish without bumping the coaming. Then when you install the coaming just wipe up any drips, sanding the last 10% before varnishing will remove the wiped area. you really don't need to finish the coaming stack since so much gets sanded off on the inside and the outside only needs a sanding before glueing. Wiping the squeezed out epoxy goop smooths over the little bumps on the outside of the stack, besides that area can't be seen anyway so all that effort is kind of wasted.

I've seen a wide variation on inside coaming edge roundovers, anyone who does rescues and rough wet exits in a deep kayak will appreciate a well rounded inside edge.

Option 1 was in the original instructions and wasn't a problem with 24" radius deck beams, as the coaming stack gets tighter the mess requires more clamps with more pressure requiring more taped pieces of wood to protect both the coaming and the underside of the deck from c-clamp imprints.

Option 3 seems unnecessarily fussy for an area hidden by the coaming and the inside edge gets rounded off.

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