Re: deck destroyed

Posted by Alan Speakman on Sep 19, 2006

Hi Katherine,

First things first... You are NOT alone! And together (and I mean most every member of this forum and probably CLC itself), we'll work together to fix your yak! PLEASE do not be despondent or sick!

Ok... Secondly, I take it that no one was hurt, so this is just a setback... This can be fixed. Really. Holes in a yak are VERY fixable.

Third, borrow a digital camera or camera phone, or buy one of the throw-away digital cameras, or whatever, but get us some pictures of the damage.

And finally, (once again) don't panic... A few holes aren't about to slow us down! You and the Chessy will see lots of water!


In Response to: deck destroyed by Kathrine on Sep 19, 2006



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