Re: Gluing Coaming

Posted by tim on Sep 19, 2006

Hey. I,me no Kurt or Laz, but having just completed my WR18 I have learned alot from this forum and others out there. Being the anal retentive, purist that I am, one of the joys to come from anyproject is that satisfaction that you did it yourself and nurtered and developed a process that works for you.

If you like many others out there are the wanna slap em together, go for aall three layers at once and deal with the fallout later. on the other hand, having built my WR18 with only 2 fastners and very little slop to deal with, chose to apply one layer at a time. It's cleaner, less frustration, and gives you a better opportunity to work the coaming space/groove. i agree with your gut reaction, go for option two (2) in stages. lot less clamping force needed also. you will use many no matter which route yo take, but you won't need big BRUTUS clamps

happy building....

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