Gluing Coaming

Posted by Matt Croce on Sep 19, 2006

OK, does anyone have any thoughts they'd like to air about gluing the coaming on? What worked best for you? Here are the three options I'm considering from easiest to most involved:

1. Glue all three layers (coaming spacers and coaming) on at once. (least opportunity to clean up underneath the coaming if glue squirts out when I clamp it; I think it's workable, but definitely a tight space)

2. Glue on the two layers of coaming spacers; waiting until they dry, then gluing on the coaming itself. (That way I can clean up any squirting / leaking epoxy, but just by wiping it up with laquer thinner, and I might be able to smooth over the outside rings of the coaming spacers).

3. Coat the deck with packing tape, and then clamp and glue the three layers of coaming TOGETHER, but not to the deck. This way, they'll conform to the curve of the deck, but I can pop them off, and sand both the inside and outside of the coaming spacers until they are smooth.

Right now, I'm leaning towards option "2" as a good compromise, and I'd like your thoughts.

Of course with all of these, I'd be masking off all of the rest of the kayak, including the inside, and making sure that any messes / leaks / drips, etc. are cleaned up.

Thanks Matt



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