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Posted by Alan Speakman on Sep 19, 2006

Hi all,

I'll just throw my two cents in... Mr. Beck is absolutely right... Epoxy cure is an exotheric process... To reduce the exposed surface area of the mix equates to a rapid heat build up and a rapid kick, (cure). I mix the goo in a large container (like John) and then smear it onto a large, new, disposible cookie sheet... LOTS of surface area, and time to work.

Just like the guys have said, I have all parts/tools ready, and I literally do a physical walk through of the process.

I also lay out a secondary project should I have extra epoxy left over. More often than not, I get both projects done... Can't stand wasting epoxy!

As for loading the "pastry bag", (we use the heavy-duty "Food Saver" bags) my wife came up with a brilliant solution... We put the pastry bag in a coffee can with the top of the bag flopping over the top of the can... Then we just shovel the epoxy off the cookie sheet into the bag, nip the corner, and go from there. (It wasn't until later that I discovered that CLC recommended this from the start: Hmmm...

As for filling the syringe... No prob... Fill an "epastry" bag with a small amount of goo, and shoot it right into the cylinder of the syringe from the bag... (An extra set of hands is nice...)

In general, I've found that racing around trying to beat the dreaded "epoxy kick" is a losing proposition... Using the "cookie sheet" method, I can take the time and do a good job the first time.


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