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Posted by Bob Santore on Sep 19, 2006

I am guessing your "little kate" is the canoe design? I am not sure from your question what it is that you are trying to fill.

When I had to fill the "lapstitch" seams on my Skerry (which also used syringes) the popular tip at the time was to fill a ketchup type bottle and use that to dispense the goo. Worked wonderfully well. I bought two bottles assuming that one would set up before I finished. In actual use I was able to mix a batch, get it in the bottle, dispense it into the seams, clean up as needed on the boat, and run some solvent through the bottle to clean it out, before it ever set up. It was a very fast and neat process.

Again, I am not all that sure what you are trying to fill, so I am not sure if that tip will apply to you.

Good luck in any event!

- Bob

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