Test Screw AOK

Posted by Monterey Matt on Sep 18, 2006

I screwed one, tip intact, and have the following to report.

(1) it screwed through fine; I checked for fraying and it seemed minimal, not likely to worsen because the washer's on top.

(2) with the extra width of the webbing, the screw fit in very nicely in the epoxied "drillfilldrill" hole.

The only unexpected thing is the screw doesn't "catch" as it does in wood -- once one gets down as far as one goes, the screw just spins around without tightening. I pondered this and decided this is the expected result from screwing a wood screw into a cabosil-thickened epoxy column.

I'm going to pause because my two-year old is up from his "nap" and needs attention but I think I'll go ahead and just try screwing through the web.

I'm using marine adhesive on the threads, btw, some of which will likely bond the web to the hull as it comes off on the way down, but I don't see a downside to this per se since I don't really want the nylon web/loop assembly to move once everything is installed.

BTW, I experimented with the "hot nail" per the manual and I don't see the point. It's just a pilot -- the screw frays it anyway, or the hole is bigger than the screw -- and the hot nail is a pain in the caboose (or fingers if you're not careful.)

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