Re: yeah but . . .

Posted by Bob Santore on Sep 15, 2006

. . . that's after how long?

There is no question that varnish and paint is needed over epoxy if it is to be exposed to the sun. On the other hand, bad things do not happen so quickly that you can't get it wet without a coat of varnish.

My point to Matt is that if he is considering painting just because it is quicker and he is itching to get it wet, and not because that's really what he wants, then he is better off getting it wet and giving himself more time to consider what he really wants.

Lots and lots of people get their boats wet before finishing, and yes you have to be careful about minimizing exposure (don't leave it sitting in the sun), and yes it is ultimately not a state you want to continue long term, but bad things are not going to happen just because you let some sun hit your unvarnished deck while you go for a paddle.

- Bob

In Response to: Re: Painting is So Sad by Jim E on Sep 14, 2006



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