Re: Scarf Joint Look

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Sep 11, 2006

Jim E brings up a point worth talking about. Namely, it's a professional woodworker's truism that it's always easier to contrive a way to make a feature out of a mistake, rather than try to camouflage it.

In fact, trying to make a boo-boo disappear is one of the very toughest challenges a fine woodworker ever faces. Especially when talking about plywood. If you sand through the veneer, there's practically nothing you can do about it, short of starting over.

On my Mill Creek 13's project I added a hardwood insert between the decks forward and aft sections to pretty it up a little (look closely at the incredibly poor quality photo below). It was relatively easy to do, and looks great; but it'd be a whole 'nuther story to try to do such a thing on the hull. There, you have three options: paint over it, place an onlay over it, or look at something else.

Cheers, Kurt

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