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Posted by Steve Miller on Sep 10, 2006

Sure! Bet you have been working out of the can huh.

Never leave the can open longer than it takes you to pour out what you will use in about 15 minutes into a clean cup or tray. Recap immediately. Some even give the can a shot of propane or other gas to flush out the air which helps the skin over thing happen. Basically the top of the varnish starts to dry in the can.

I have also had good luck with a vacuum sealer device but keeping the can sealed is pretty good.

Always filter your varnish when you pour it - through a cone paint filter. No crap that way. Keep a few packages on hand at all times.

NEVER EVER pour your left over varnish back into the can. It has been out loosing thinner for god knows how long and will make the skinning and thickening process worse.

Add about 2 or 3 ounces of Penetrol to the fresh can when you first open it.

Now that its thick, thin it back to proper consistency with the matching thinner. Good old Turpentine works fine or good paint thinner.

If that can is really cruddy or you doubt the seal on it then get a new one at any paint store or big box store. Filter in the old varnish, thin and start over.

Good luck.

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