Painting is So Sad

Posted by Monterey Matt on Sep 10, 2006

Sigh. Varnishing was positively a pleasure, but the first coat of paint was very sad.

First, even though the bottom of my boat is ugly from all the mistakes I made, it's still sad to see wood get covered up.

Second, rolling a nice flat roller of white paint over the bottom brings out every little hill and valley I left in the surface. A reminder of sad times and too much epoxy.

Then, of course, the first coat is sad because it's so thin it barely covers things up, doesn't look as good as it's going to look in a few coats.

And of course, in my DustoMax (tm) environment, the wet paint quickly looked like stucco with all the beasties and ghoulies of dust descending upon it to rest in permanence on the coat.

But, progress. Closer to launching. Good times.

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