Dumb fiberglass question

Posted by Karl on Sep 9, 2006

Sorry Mac, I figured I'd hijack part of your title.

I'm preparing to build another couple of kayaks, so I'm looking into some supplies. I have a question regarding fiberglass tape. It has been written here and elsewhere that cutting strips of glass on the bias will yield a tape that will (a). conform better to curves and (b). give you an improvement in strength on a seam because the strands are now crossing over the seam at a 45 angle, thereby using all of them as opposed to half of them (assuming a standard square weave). Is bi-axial tape essentially the same concept? Would a 6 oz bi-axial tape wet out as clear as a piece of standard 6 oz fabric? Has anyone used it? Okay, so that was more than one question.

My thought was to use it to conform around the shear when connecting a strip deck to a plywood hull (on the outside, so it needs to be clear).



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