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Posted by Kurt Maurer on Sep 8, 2006

Yeah, that was a generic screen shot from the Free!Ship site... whoopsie! Heck of a keel though, ain't it???

George, KF is where it's at for strippers, but I'm wanting a panel plotting package this time around. I've become a firm believer in choosing the style of hull I want first, then selecting the most appropriate building method second. In this case, I want to emulate a traditional SOF yak... and get rid of a couple sheets of okoume I have laying around.

I'm also pretty big on letting someone else do the dirty work for me. I mean, there are folks out there who design hulls just for grins, so why not take advantage of their enthusiasm, experience, and knowledge already accumulated? Besides, I enjoy building and paddling, not sitting in front of computers (he said while sitting in front of the computer instead of building or paddling).

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