Re: Not Enough Dumb Quest

Posted by YAH on Sep 8, 2006

'Are the holes made by the CNC machine whilst the parts are being cut?'

No. Actually it's part of CLC's Outreach program. You see, the shippers CLC uses do a great job delivering kits and stuff. So CLC is starting to put stickers on the Sea Island kits that say " Drill as needed."

Now, when the shipping companies' drivers get really frustrated by the crazy drivers on the road, they can pull over and stop, run into the back of their truck, and drill some holes to relieve some of that stress.

Next time you see one of their trucks along the side of the road and you can't see the driver, they're probably in the back drilling stitch holes for us. So just let out a friendly honk-n-toot to let them know it's okay.

Enjoy your kit. And remember, there are no dumb questions, just dumb answers.


In Response to: Not Enough Dumb Questions by Mac on Sep 8, 2006



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