Re: beginner builder

Posted by David Warren on Sep 7, 2006

I made the Sass 16 (from plans not kit). It was a rewarding experience, straightforward and produces a great-performing, classic-looking boat that certainly doesn't look "homebuilt". If you are used to plastic or fibre glass canoes, this wll be an eye-opener. Once yee had wood, yee canna' go back!

On the other hand, now that I have a Sass, I'm dreaming of a Sheerwater, or even a Wherry. Something to exercise with. The Sass is mellow and prefers leisurely all-day (or multi-day) glides upriver.

All I can guarantee you is this: I've never heard a bad word about any CLC boat, andd whatever one you choose, you'll want another, sooner or later! .

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