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Posted by Jim E on Sep 7, 2006

James, I'm not sure about digital plans, you'd have to ask the designer in question. Some designers are not keen on builder modifications.

Quite a lot of modification is possible at the 'lofting' stage, where you mark out the full size shapes on wood. This will vary depending on if it's a stripper or S&G hull. For instance, you can make a strip boat longer by changing the spacing of the forms. With S&G, the plans are like dress patterns, showing you the exact shape of the ply panels. You can add depth to the boat by increasing the width of the side panels. If you add width on the bottom panels, then you will have to make the side panels a bit longer to compensate. Dont't make big changes, or it wont be the same boat anymore. Make fine adjustments at the wiring stage, to get everything fitting together nicely.

Or just pick a design that fits ;-)

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