Starting Up Again

Posted by Matt Croce on Sep 6, 2006

Hi, everyone. I'm starting up construction again of my CH16; when I left (yet another overseas trip courtesy of Uncle Sam), I had the deck on, but not glassed yet.

I was wondering about the shelf life of epoxy as well; an earlier post cleared that up for me; thanks.

I have some slight water stains on the deck from where the deck got wet, either due to condensation, or water that made its way under the tarp; I'm hoping that the stains will lighten up enough when I sand it, and that the wood will darken enough when I 'glass it to make them un-noticeable.

OK, here's my question. I had built a couple of sawhorse type supports that supported the boat in nylon webbing, so that I could move it around and rotate it while I was sanding it. However, the elements, combined with non-pressure treated wood and poor construction (I was building for the short term, and this project ended up being a long term one) rendered them garbage.

Now I'm looking for some recommendations -- all of the commercial saw horses seem to have a solid bar on the top, instead of uprights from which I could suspend the boat. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'd like to buy something that will last, or if nothing is available, build something a bit better this time, that can be disassembled (I move a lot...) so that I can build my wife and my girls some kayaks without having to rebuild the supports every project. Any ideas?

Thanks, and I'm glad to be back working on the boat!




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