Re: Which boat to build?

Posted by CLC on Sep 5, 2006

In stability the Chester Yawl has it over the Annapolis Wherry. The Wherry appears in photos and specifications to be a larger boat than it is; in fact it's just a few steps up from a shell. This makes the Wherry fast and fun and it's just wide enough to be easy to get in and out of, but for sheer utility the much larger (in every dimension except length) Chester Yawl is probably the one.

You give up something, of course. The Chester Yawl is optimized for stooging along at relatively low speeds, rowing from a fixed seat. It was always supposed to accommodate a sliding seat, however, and it's got enough waterline length to work well that way. The interior is ready for one without modification. I've been meaning to get some photos of ours rigged that way and will do it when I get back from the West Coast Tour.

Chester Yawl

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