Epoxy shelf life?

Posted by Monterey Matt on Sep 5, 2006

Hi...yes, me again, back after a year's hiatus (child rearing is such a distraction from boatbuilding). My Ches. 18 is now being VARNISHED - hooray!

My issue here: I've got three-year old epoxy now (this project was started in April 2003) -- I'm planning the drill-n-fill approach for attaching my deck fittings, but I'm concerned the elements of the epoxy may have spoiled. They've been stored in a "dry" shed (humid and subject to the occasional leak) and there was a little percolation out of both bottles, likely from heat cycles.

The epoxy was fine a year ago when I did the hatches.

For drill and fill, OK, or should I spring for new epoxy?



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