Re: green stains on deck?

Posted by Stephen Brady on Sep 5, 2006

It is certainly possible that there has been moisture in the compartments. We have always wiped down the decks and the compartments after use but the boat is stored lakeside although under a roof. On further inspection there appears to be a rougher surface on the underside of the deck where the greenish stains are compared to where they are not. It seems likely that the areas effected did not get as heavy a coating of epoxy as other areas. Given that it is likely that moisture is the cause of the greenish stains what advice would there be to stop the progression? Our present thinking is continue to dry out the compartments and coat the undersides of the deck with more epoxy... Thanks for the help!

In Response to: Re: green stains on deck? by Alan Speakman on Sep 5, 2006



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