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Posted by Andrew Sommer on Sep 4, 2006

BIG Thanks Alan, That link was excellent!!!!!. It looks to me as a newB that the Sysyem 3 was the best all around. The additional info available at the link (link below) explained alot plus the tips here at CLC and with Chris's books I feel confident now.

I also have to remember my initial goal is to build a sea worthy kayak that is safe AND looks great. I realize being my first sewlf built I'll make mistakes but its always nice to do ones homework. I took this on because I can't afford the nice fiberglass or hightec plastic kayaks, Heck I can't even affortd the kits! CLC has a $75 off sale going right now BTW anyone on the fence I'd go for it. So far I've invested about $350 for all the wood and tools and will spend another $300 max on the epoxy so I've come out ahead as after I'm done my first kasyak I'll have all the tools, and trained my wife to expect the porch to be my least a times!

I use to build high performance radio controled model airplanes when I was younger and the level of difficulty was not much different. The size of the kayak is bigger but otherwise very similar in skills required. I hear now a-days that hardly anyone builds thier own planes anymore...they are mostly prefabed chinese and anyone can get into the hobby.

Thanks again Alan I'll post more as I progress


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