Re: I Crack Myself Up

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Sep 2, 2006

Oh man, I'd love to tell you about all the cheesy Ninja noises I make when I use a Japanese tool of any sort, except I fear some Japanese reader will think I'm making fun of 'em. In fact, I really love and admire the whole Japanese culture, get a huge kick out of 'em.

But yeah... I make fun of 'em, alright. What the heck, folks the world over make fun of Texans, and I'm cool widdat. It's when they ignore you altogether that you're really being dissed.

Jim S, you sound like you're perilously close to making a True Confession. Careful there, boy... Don't get swept away in the glamor of being a complete doofus in public. It's fleeting, sir, fleeting. Why, I had to buy my own dinner once again tonight, and this only happened yesterday.

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