Re: I Crack Myself Up

Posted by Alan Speakman on Sep 2, 2006


That is perfect!

But only 40 minutes lost?!? You rookie! I once made two right-hand sides of the same boat! That goof cost me days! (Fuster, fume... Forty minutes indeed... I've blown 80 minutes just trying to find a pencil... grumble, grumble, grumble... Kurt could have at least taken a picture... grouch, grouch, grouch...)

On a slightly more serious note: The way I've got it figured is that any mistake made in a boat shop that doesn't plunk a person in the local Emergency Room isn't a mistake at all - it's a priceless learning experience. I just wish mine weren't so darned expensive!

Keep writing man... You're good!


In Response to: I Crack Myself Up by Kurt Maurer on Sep 1, 2006



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