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Posted by CLC on Sep 1, 2006

Plans to come but not for a couple of months. This kit has an interesting history. It was designed specifically for marathon boatbuilding events; it takes 5-6 hours to build. No epoxy; all Sikaflex or some such. Like many people I've been disappointed in the boats that are used in one-day building marathons; they're either ugly or not useful or both. This 18-foot canoe is both reasonably good-looking and also paddles well.

We've built about 35 of them now during several events. The most notable event was at the Harvard Business School, where faculty and staff built them as a team-building exercise. The drawing board name was "War Canoe," referring to the big canoes found at summer camps. The Harvard guys renamed it the "Harvard 18." Then WoodenBoat picked it up and renamed it the "Peace Canoe."

It already has a nice instruction manual and we've sold some of the kits to individuals, although the thrust of the project was event-oriented.

Link to proposed rowing-sailing version

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