Re: Varnish Prep

Posted by John Beck on Sep 1, 2006

Blue, It sounds like you've sanded to the limit already. I know those small holes you are talking about, and sanding them out will result in exposing or sanding through the fiberglass which will require repair. You have 2 choices. 1. vaccuum them out let the varnish fill the holes (varnishing over any sanding dust still in the holes will shine like a beacon), or 2. spot treat the holes with straight epoxy and spot sand the areas after full cure. I think option 1 will be fine. Apply varnish in thin coats to avoid runs and minimize the amount of sanding required between coats. The goal for sanding between coats of varnish is to just scuff it up while removing as little as possible. Hand sand with wet/dry for best results.

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