Re: 2 adults in an Eastpo

Posted by Charlie on Aug 30, 2006

There are a lot of reasons not to pack a small sailboat with a maximum amount of bodies. The first that comes to mind is the discomfort of being becalmed far from shore. Even in a modest sized boat that can become mighty uncomfortable. Next, even tho' a hull will support x lb. it's sailing qualities may fall off way before your load gets near max. Things like having your rear transom partially submerged will really put on the brakes. Boats with such short waterlines have very low hull speeds. Anything you do that cuts your speed means it will take forever to get from A to B. But sailing solo in an eight footer when the wind is gusting above 15 knots is really a giggle. The one time it happened to me my mouth went dry and even tho' the water bottle was laying at my feet I couldn't get to it because I didn't dare let go of the tiller or the sheet.

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