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Posted by J. Schott on Aug 30, 2006

Under normal circumstances, I put 1 coat on a day. My test to see if it's ready is to scuff a spot with 320-400 dry. If it sands easily and leaves a powder residue, it's time to break out the bucket of water for wet sanding. As for the grit, I used 320 on my last boat with schooner. 400 is fine if you really like sanding, 320 gets the job done a little quicker and the finish is the same. I wash my boats off outdoors after wet sanding and then wipe it dry with a clean cloth. A tack cloth is fine with varnish. I found a microfiber "tack" cloth at the paint store and it works just as good with out the sticky residue it leaves on your hands. I wait to wipe the boat down with a tack cloth until I've got the varnish ready to apply. Don't use lacquer thinner to wipe down varnish, it softens it and actually can ruin all the work you put into sanding. Have fun with this step. It's when you see all your hard work start to shine! It's my favorite part of the build.-Joey

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