Re: finishing techniques

Posted by paul on Aug 30, 2006

I've done basically the same as Laszlo (maybe because I've read this forum more times than I can count).

The overlapping foam brush techique has worked great for my two boats.

A few added comments

Use only good quality foam brushes. The bad ones actually drop small bits of foam which love to get stuck in the fresh varnish.

Work in a dust-free environment. Good prep cleaning of the space and a dust ennclosure (hung plastic sheets) are key to keeping any air-bourn particles from becoming little specs all over your finish.

Finally, like Laszlo said, its a boat, not a violin. It'll be more beautiful than any plastic boat out there even with a mediocre finish. Everyone will oogle over it constantly. An only you will notice the bad spots. Don't obsess, paddle !!!

And enjoy !

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