Re: Hi Kurt. Coming down?

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Aug 30, 2006

Hey Charlie, I'm still trying, but I haven't been able to budge from League City the entire month of August. I wanna come down that way and try some SW fly fishing in your neck of the woods, yeah! Be at least another couple weeks, though...

The SOT is easier to fish out of, but what most folks around here refuse to think about is that they're a chore to paddle (over long distances). The maximum range for the average hard core SOT fisherman is five or six miles. It's fifteen miles for me and my SINK on the average, and twenty mile days are no big deal. But it's just the same old (small boat) story... pick your compromises and use what works best for you.

I like being able to go all day without seeing another soul, and often do it. No mean feat 'round these parts, either.

In Response to: Hi Kurt. Coming down? by Charlie Jones on Aug 29, 2006



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