Re: finishing techniques

Posted by Laszlo on Aug 30, 2006


I used the Schooner varnish sold by CLC. For surface prep, I vacuumed the hull, wiped it down a couple of times with denatured alcohol (clean cloth each time), then just before varnishing wiped it with a tack rag. This got rid of the dust, sweat spots, moisture, etc.

Application was the criss-cross foam brush method in the Shop Tips with wet sanding in between layers (400 grit 1st 2 layers, 600 next 3).

The biggest problem was the summer temperatures. Below 75 degrees, no problem, above 80, don't even bother varnishing.

The boat ended up with a finish that could have been used as a shaving mirror. Then after our first trip to the river it had scratches, dings, scuffs, etc. So don't worry about really high quality - it won't last if you actually use the boat as a boat.

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