Hi Kurt. Coming down?

Posted by Charlie Jones on Aug 29, 2006

A LOT of the SOT's were done for fishing. They are really an easy on, easy off solution to being able to fish a yak or wade, with the boat either on a tether or staked. Many , as you well know but others might not, are designed STRICTLY for fishing, with rod holders, storage boxes on deck, anchoring systems, etc. Very popular here on the south Texas coast.

SINKS just aren't as easy to exit. But going for them is that you stay drier and during cooler weather, warmer.

Personally I'm building us a couple of SINKS :) I plan to flyfish from mine and Laura will be photographing wild life from hers, for her paintings.

I won't mention the model because they aren't CLC designs. But you'll see them when you ever arrive here in Magnolia Beach. Grin. Oh - and as of today the shop became a boat shop again. ALL the furniture is finished- back to boat work.

Started laying up some flanges today to install some 26 inch square hatches into the deck of a Condor 40. Cambered deck, flat hatch underside.

YAY !!

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