Re: SOT Hull Shape?

Posted by CLC on Aug 29, 2006

Kurt did a good job explaining why sit-on-top hulls HAVE to look the way they look. I think Nick Schade did a fantastic job; it's a handsome boat, highly functional, and---very important!---easy to build.

After a protracted period of experimentation and consultation, we elected to make the Sea Island Sport narrower than most, 27 inches, so it paddles easily. Thus the "Sport" appellation (at some point there will be a shorter, wider version).

At cruising speeds this one will stay with a Chesapeake 16. Yet it's stable enough for folks who have stiff knees or who want to fish---people who wouldn't give the Shearwater or Arctic Hawk a second glance.

Thanks for all the encouraging emails! The web page will be up shortly. Meanwhile, here are some pics.

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