Re: SOT Hull Shape?

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Aug 29, 2006

First of all, you asked an excellent question IMO! A lot of people wonder why SOT's look different from SINKs (for Sit IN Kayak... what they're "lovingly" referred to as, here on the Texas Gulf Coast); and that business about raising the paddler above the waterline is kind of sneaky, and not easily spotted.

Secondly, you said 'more reasons not to have one!' For you and me, that's true; but just for the record I'd like to point out that it's a personal opinion. SOT's were invented, and have proven popular, for a reason, even if it escapes me. But then, I've never had one of my own to play with, either. Heck, I might like to have one, especially since I do so much fishing.

I'll just repeat myself ad nauseum and say once again: "Use whatever works best for you."

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