Re: SOT Hull Shape?

Posted by John S. Short on Aug 29, 2006

Thanks Kurt! I knew there was someone out there that not onlt knew the reasoning but could also 'splain it to someone like me! I had thought about the seat being built up for the drainage thing, but didn't realize it had to be waterline heighth, that sort of ruins the idea of a C16 mod! That really wasn't much of a serious thought anyway, I just gotta finish these canoes and I am about to die to build 2 kayaks for the wife and I. Bad thing is, that may turn into one triple 'yak since we have 2 dogs that want to be as far up our rears as they can, and they love our 17 foot "lead sled" Old Town canoe! Thanks again for the SOT info, more reasons not to have one!

In Response to: Re: SOT Hull Shape? by Kurt Maurer on Aug 28, 2006



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